Who can attend:

Anyone from the age of 25, including married couples and singles. We strongly recommend that married couples attend together.


R600 per person.

This is an extremely reasonable fee, wonderful food is provided, comfortable beds and bedding. Happening begins on Friday evening at 19:00 and ends on Sunday at around 17:00. Please do not be late as our program is very full. We do not start until everyone is present and we cannot afford delays. details of the venue and what to bring will accompany your letter of acceptance, with a map for directions.

 Happening Experience

In today’s world can Christianity penetrate the many areas of life? Can it transform the changing world and keep up with the times? The Happening movement thinks so. It proposes no new type of Spirituality, but does provide an awareness of full life and the power of Jesus Christ through fellowship with Christians.

Neither a Camp nor a Retreat

A Happening is nothing like a retreat or camp. Each week-end has a character of its own. During the three days the teachings of Christ are discussed in an environment of joy.

Instrument of Renewal

The Happening Experience is a powerful instrument of renewal in the church. Its aim is to connect closely with the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.

An Encounter with Christ

A Happening is an encounter with Christ. A real meeting with Christ, the power, the beauty and the joy of being with Him.

Program Format

During the week-end the Happeners listen to talks given by staff and ministers and also engage in fun activities relating to the talks. The Happening staff spend weeks working and praying in preparation. The titles of the talks indicate the content: REALITY, FAITH, JESUS CHRIST, GRACE, RECONCILIATION, LIVING RELATIONSHIP, CHURCH, PURITY and being COMMISSIONED